Change3 Enterprises LLC

Revitalize Your Web Presence

Using our knowledge of the B2B buying process, we can help you create a web presence that is as powerful as your solutions, while staying in your budget.

We Have...
20+ years researching and advising on the technology buying process to key technology vendors.
10+ years in web and digital development, along with several website and online applications specifically for technology vendors.
Leverage website designs optimized for engaging technology customers.

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Enhance Your Selling Process

We use email, social media and sponsored posts to expand your visibility, and then use b2b savvy lead gen to pinpoint those most interested in your solutions.

You Can...
Work with segmentation experts to access 17+ million validated B2B emails.
Leverage lead gen specialists that are great on the phone and in social media.
Outsource social media outreach and social selling to our Delightful Digital Experts.

Power Your Content Marketing

Break through the noise with relevant Thought Leadership and content created by experienced business & technology writers who understand your core markets

We Can...
Translate your expertise into meaningful Thought Leadership using your existing materials, interviews with your SMEs, as well as through our own research.
Create integrated content marketing programs with seasoned experts based on the key messages and themes that matter to your technology buyer.
Explore new kinds of content ideas such as eBooks, user polls, infographics, animated videos and screenshare demostrations.