Change3 Enterprises LLC

Kneko Burney

CEO & Chief Creative, Change3 Enterprises LLC

Kneko Burney is a serial entrepreneur. She is one of the leading B2B experts for the telecom and high-tech industries, as well as an emerging figure in the intersection of digital technology and everyday life. As founder & CEO of Change3 Enterprises (2011), founder of (2007), and co-founder of Compass Intelligence (2005), Ms. Burney leverages her skills to create and grow innovative, new businesses.

Website Strategies for Better Lead Generation

How to Better Convert Visitors into Leads by Using Your Website

Written By Kneko Burney on November 27, 2018

Lead generation has been and continues to be a key pain point for most marketers.   It’s not just getting leads that’s the challenge, it’s also ... Read More

B2B Tech Marketing Minds Blown

Save the Date for BOOM!2019

Written By Kneko Burney on November 20, 2018

A few weeks ago, we hosted the first ever BOOM! Event, a B2B technology summit aimed at technology providers and marketing executives. This invite only immersive workshop delved into ... Read More

When is the Right Time to Refresh My Website

For Tech Sellers Who Dont Sell Online

Written By Kneko Burney on October 16, 2018

If you’re a business that doesn’t sell online, does it matter if your website is updated?   It absolutely matters!   With ... Read More

Translating Technology Capabilities into Business Outcomes

How to Speak to CXOs & Line of Business Decision-Makers

Written By Kneko Burney on October 10, 2018

Dear technology marketer, you may have found that more executives outside of the IT department are now the new face of your customers. Digitization continues to combine both business ... Read More

The Case for Creating Content for the C-Suite

How to Get in Front of the Chief Executive

Written By Kneko Burney on October 3, 2018

What’s the hardest challenge facing B2B marketers?   In an ever-changing world of tastes and choices, marketers like yourself are rushing to find new ways ... Read More

When I was a kid, my mother would speak happily about getting visits from the local milkman.  He was someone the whole neighborhood knew and trusted, and though he was a salesman ... Read More

Optimal Social Media Strategy for Tech Companies

Part 1 of the Social Geek Series

Written By Kneko Burney on August 3, 2016

As a technology provider, reaching customers is paramount to growing your business, and there’s no better (or affordable) way to market yourself than ... Read More

Your Digital World First Impression is Your Website

Regularly Refresh Your Web Presence

Written By Kneko Burney on March 10, 2016

In our growing digital world, having a modern website is like having nice business cards – it is a must have. Though research has shown that as much as 40% of small businesses do ... Read More

Reviewing & Refreshing Your Blog on a Regular Basis

Why You Shouldnt Throw Out Older Blogs

Written By Kneko Burney on March 10, 2016

You’ve made the investment in a blog, and you’ve managed to get your subject matter experts contributing periodically (albeit kicking and screaming).   Over time, ... Read More

Brand Bootcamp: Crossing Milestone #2

Differentiating from Your Competition

Written By Kneko Burney on November 30, 2015

You’ve started making waves with the direction of your brand – from your logo to your website to your social media profiles. But, how to you stand out from your competitors, ... Read More

You’ve gotten your small business on social media, you’ve made some posts and tweets, and you even gotten a couple of followers. You know that you have to do more than just ... Read More

How Do I Use Social Advertising to Promote My Business

Part 3 of the Lets Get Social Series

Written By Kneko Burney on Feb 5, 2016

Businesses are finding that social advertising can be a huge benefit when it comes to reaching a targeted audience with their brand and finding that followers can turn into customers.   Your ... Read More

Discover the Change3 Professional Personality Profile

How We Streamlined Our Hiring Process

Written By Kneko Burney on March 26, 2015

In order to create both a harmonious AND highly-productive environment in my fast growing company, I focus on balancing skills and personalities to create an optimial mix ... Read More

Press releases are a cost-effective way of increasing awareness around your brand and should be a part of your overall ... Read More

Do Women In The Channel See a Brightening Outlook in Tech

Tackling the Topic of Career Growth for Women

Written By Kneko Burney on February 26, 2015

According to the latest Yahoo’s Diversity Report 2015, women are a significant minority in Yahoo’s overall global workforce. While the percentage ... Read More

7 Ways to Leverage Your Content for Lead Generation

Part 1 of the Content Marketing Series

Written By Kneko Burney on February 24, 2016

Content marketing is about delivering value to your audience. When you create content that challenges, solves, informs and entertains, you will ... Read More

How do your customers find you? The hospitality industry is a huge market with a wealth of competition so regardless of your specialty you need ... Read More

As Channel Partners, you would have experienced a major shift in the customer engagement model. Your customers are doing their due diligence almost ... Read More

The answer is YES! I ... Read More

Is There ROI on Showcasing Your Expertise Online

Part 1 of the Content Marketing Series

Written By Kneko Burney on December 3, 2015

Still on the fence about content marketing for your company or business? There are certainly some considerations before you take the plunge. Let’s ... Read More

Because social media has created a powerful feedback platform, the ratings and recommendations of every customer have the potential to resonate across the Internet.  Additionally, potential ... Read More

Change3 CEO, Kneko Burney, was invited to be a LinkedIn  ... Read More

With millions of subscribers worldwide, Groupon ( ... Read More

With the advent of social media, you no longer have to wait for the Sunday paper to clip your ... Read More

Why CEOs Should Be Taking the Time to Blog

Leverage Your Expertise By Sharing Content

Written By Kneko Burney on Jan 18, 2016

Running a business large or small requires an enormous investment of time and attention to dozens of details.  So how involved should the CEO or ... Read More

A common mistake that small companies make is they want to be everything to everyone.  Even big companies make this mistake too.  The truth is that your business, particularly ... Read More

Email ... Read More

Is Using LinkedIn Still a No-Brainer for Your Business in 2016

Part 4 of the Lets Get Social Series

Written By Kneko Burney on February 12, 2016

LinkedIn was my first experience with social media.  Not Facebook, not MySpace, but LinkedIn.  Because of this unexpected ... Read More

Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Part 2 of the Lets Get Social Series

Written By Kneko Burney on January 16, 2016

Co-authored by LaShaun Williams, Content Manager   When developing your social ... Read More