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C3 Tech Targeting

We’re calling on all geek heroes to help businesses target technology buyers in a more effective and concise manner. Get the lowdown on how tech buyers make purchasers for better targeting.

Geek heroes are rewarded when giving honest feedback on their buying processes, including gift cards and cash prizes.
Participating businesses discover how to better market to their technology audience and what that audience looks for in their products and services.
Build new relationships, meet new buyers, or even new providers with an engaging tech community.

Discovery Rocket

Start your adventure in math and science when blasting off with the Discovery Rocket. Children can explore our Solar System with this new mobile game, based on the Rikki and the Rocket Twins book series.

Available on the three major mobile phone and tablet operating systems – Android, Apple, and Amazon.
Two levels to build on the information learned from the book series and Interstellar Guides, with fun, interactive gameplay to keep up interest.
Children can build a space suit to walk on Mercury, discover the volcanoes of Venus, and control a Mars rover as they go from the Sun to the reaches of the Kuiper Belt.

Tickle+Tickle Publishing

Our book series, Interstellar Guides, and mobile games are aimed at young children to jump start them on exciting and fun adventures in education and learning. Complete with stunning visuals and real facts, Tickle+Tickle wants to make learning fun again.

Targeted focus on young children, pre-K to 3rd grade to start them on a journey towards math and science.
Interactive and innovative fun for both parents, guardians, educators, and children to learn together in and out of story time.
Visual imagery and real facts help reinforce kids understanding

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