Change3 Enterprises LLC
Content Strategiest | Market Segmentation

Identify the Right Segments

We can work with you to improve or enhance your current market segmentation model, while translating it into meaningful digital outreach.

Benefit from the more than 20 years of experience in market segmentation and channel optimization of Change3 CEO & Chief Creative, Kneko Burney.
Introduce new ways to engage your existing target segments using digital media and content leveraging a team of experts.
Our focus will be to work with you to optimize your existing outreach efforts for each segment.

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Hone In on the Right Contacts

Build a marketing database of real prospects using a program to source, validate and append data working with our Data Analytics team.

Our data analysts can clean, sort, and/or append your existing database with social data, such as LinkedIn and Twitter IDs.
Improve the effectiveness of your communications by working with our strategists to optimize your targeting profiles and response models for outbound communications.
Better understand each of your segments through behavioral analysis and regular reporting on engagement from your digital outreach.

Target Your Messaging

Optimize how your brands speak to each of your key segments across various digital platforms by working with us to put in place programs to build segment-specific content plans.

We can enhance your content planning and creation programs by developing robust content messaging frameworks for your core target markets efficiently.
Quickly build out your content database for each of your core segments, as well as for your brand overall leveraging our team of technical and lifestyle copywriters and graphical designers.
We will measure the effectiveness of your content & funnel it back into your ongoing planning process on a regular basis.