Change3 Enterprises LLC
Digital Marketing Strategy | Website Development and Graphic Design

Strike with an Optimized Website

We specialize in creating relevant websites designed to drive conversions for companies serving the B2B markets, technology solution providers and telecommunications companies.

We rely on a research-driven approach to digital strategy and planning.
Leverage experienced market experts to build your digital strategy.
Develop a content hierarchy matched directly to your market needs.

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Focus on Powerful Conversion

Our approach focuses on creating navigation, content hierarchy and information to engage site visitors and drive them into an interest funnel and lead nurture strategy.

Put effective call to actions in all the right places on your website.
Create a variety of opportunities to drive visitor registration and create leads, such as specialized content, discussion forums, calculators, assessments, etc.
Optimize order entry and other detail capture forms throughout your website.

Stay on Target with Analytics

Experienced Data Analysts will provide monthly traffic reports, as well as detailed analysis on traffic sources and visitor behavior to feed your optimal web strategies.

Set performance-based goals that are aligned with realistic expectations.
Create ongoing digital course corrections and refinements based on measured performance.
Deliver strategic insights on how to achieve business goals based on your digital presence.