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B2B Tech Marketing Minds Blown

Save the Date for BOOM!2019

  Written By   Kneko Burney on November 20, 2018

A few weeks ago, we hosted the first ever BOOM! Event, a B2B technology summit aimed at technology providers and marketing executives. This invite only immersive workshop delved into ... Read More

Just Tell the Story: How to Effectively Use Influencers in B2B Marketing

OR Reinventing the Way Stories are Told

  Written By   Leslie Reiser on September 5, 2017

Did you read Kneko Burney’s recent blog article where she discussed why Sellers no longer find credible the leads given ... Read More

When I was a kid, my mother would speak happily about getting visits from the local milkman.  He was someone the whole neighborhood knew and trusted, and though he was a salesman ... Read More

Optimal Social Media Strategy for Tech Companies

Part 1 of the Social Geek Series

  Written By   Kneko Burney on August 3, 2016

As a technology provider, reaching customers is paramount to growing your business, and there’s no better (or affordable) way to market yourself than ... Read More

Your Digital World First Impression is Your Website

Regularly Refresh Your Web Presence

  Written By   Kneko Burney on March 10, 2016

In our growing digital world, having a modern website is like having nice business cards – it is a must have. Though research has shown that as much as 40% of small businesses do ... Read More

How Do I Use Social Advertising to Promote My Business

Part 3 of the Lets Get Social Series

  Written By   Kneko Burney on Feb 5, 2016

Businesses are finding that social advertising can be a huge benefit when it comes to reaching a targeted audience with their brand and finding that followers can turn into customers.   Your ... Read More

Discover the Change3 Professional Personality Profile

How We Streamlined Our Hiring Process

  Written By   Kneko Burney on March 26, 2015

In order to create both a harmonious AND highly-productive environment in my fast growing company, I focus on balancing skills and personalities to create an optimial mix ... Read More

Is Mobile Marketing Worth the Investment for B2Bs

Why Your Company Should Embrace Mobile

  Written By   Zoe Dunbar on March 2, 2016

Mobile devices are being heralded as the fastest adopted technology ever and this is changing the way all businesses need to look at how they reach customers. ... Read More

Is There ROI on Showcasing Your Expertise Online

Part 1 of the Content Marketing Series

  Written By   Kneko Burney on December 3, 2015

Still on the fence about content marketing for your company or business? There are certainly some considerations before you take the plunge. Let’s ... Read More

Why CEOs Should Be Taking the Time to Blog

Leverage Your Expertise By Sharing Content

  Written By   Kneko Burney on Jan 18, 2016

Running a business large or small requires an enormous investment of time and attention to dozens of details.  So how involved should the CEO or ... Read More

Top 6 Social Media Sites You Should Consider for Your Business

Part 1 of the Lets Get Social Series

  Written By   LaShaun Williams on Jan 5, 2016

Social media has grown in importance and business owners can’t afford to not be on social media, especially if they want to reach current and ... Read More

Is Using LinkedIn Still a No-Brainer for Your Business in 2016

Part 4 of the Lets Get Social Series

  Written By   Kneko Burney on February 12, 2016

LinkedIn was my first experience with social media.  Not Facebook, not MySpace, but LinkedIn.  Because of this unexpected ... Read More

Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Part 2 of the Lets Get Social Series

  Written By   Kneko Burney on January 16, 2016

Co-authored by LaShaun Williams, Content Manager   When developing your social ... Read More