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Regularly Refresh Your Web Presence

Written by Kneko Burney on March 10, 2016.

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In our growing digital world, having a modern website is like having nice business cards – it is a must have. Though research has shown that as much as 40% of small businesses do NOT have a website, mid-sized and enterprise companies (those with more than 100 employees) most certainly do.


However, for lots of these companies, their website is a one-time investment that is starting to age noticeably.  Whether it be a lack of mobile responsiveness or out of date graphics and styles, many companies make a regular practice of ignoring their website…until they MUST change it.


Statistics You Need to Know


  • The percentage of users viewing websites from mobile phones is skyrocketing.  According to SmartInsights, Mobile Phones account for 51% of media usage – meaning your customers spend more time viewing content and researching things online via their phone than on a PC/laptop or tablet. 
  • The average B2B company or tech provider can expect to see 25% - 35% of their website traffic come from mobile phone users (based on our B2B and tech clients).
  • We find that mobile website visitors are more likely to come to your site from paid search campaigns, but if your company does not have a mobile responsive site, they are likely to call your 800 number if they need something (sales or support).
  • 66% of consumer engagement comes from websites.
  • 46% say a website’s design is their number one criteria for determining brand credibility.
  • 58% of customer engagement comes from a mobile app.
  • 81% of shoppers do research online before buying something, with some perusing several websites before deciding where they will make their purchase.


The Business Case to Refresh Your Website


If your company has on average 2000 visits coming to your website per month, roughly 500 – 700 of them will be visitors on mobile devices, assuming you have average amounts of mobile traffic.


  1. With this being said – the first question to ask must be “Is my website mobile responsive?”
  2. If the answer is no – then you are effectively losing hundreds of potentially valuable interactions monthly. 
  3. As shown in the statistics, a high percentage of your potential customers are likely to form an opinion of your company based on your website.  As such, having at minimum a mobile responsive website, with up-to-date accurate content is table stakes these days.
  4. Are you actively managing your website's content so it reflects your company’s objectives and areas of focus?  You’d be surprised how many companies neglect updating product and solution information on their website OR they just keep adding new pages without giving some thought to overall organization and presentation.


I get it – you’re not in the business of building or managing websites – so managing yours is often a lower priority.  But here are some scenarios on why you need to do it (or find a partner agency like Change3 to do it for you)…


Meeting a Prospect at a Conference: You or one of your sales people meet a potential customer at a conference. You’ve introduced yourself, spoken about your company, products, and services, and gave them your business card. You even made a follow up call the next day. The customer feels that your company would be a right fit for their needs, so they go to your website to learn more about you….


This contact is running from meeting to meeting so she looks at your site from her smart phone, but it doesn’t look great because it’s not mobile responsive.  And, the solutions and services you discussed with her – that she was interested in – don’t seem to be listed on your website or easy to find.  She starts to lose interest thinking to herself “are these guys serious providers?” and might not return your next email.


Do you need to refresh your website?


The answer is YES!, if you fit any of these criteria:


  • Outdated Look: If your website still looks like something you built from the late 90s or early 2000s, then a refresh may need to be in order. The way websites look now have changed significantly, allowing for new features (such as downloads, forums, video) and new ways to view them.
  • Your Menu of Solutions/Services has changed: Lots of company change course over time and it might be difficult to reflect this on your website without a full refresh of at least the content.  It means you need to have a hard look at what you’re saying about your company and who you’re targeting.  Less is more these days when people are more likely to scan your homepage to decide if they want to go further.
  • Not Ready for Mobile: With a growing percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices, if your website doesn’t work well on these, you’re losing opportunities – no question.  And, as new devices come out (with new screen sizes) you’ll need to tweak your mobile responsiveness to look good on every screen.


Having a regular refresh – once a year or at most every 18 months – gives you a chance to step back and make sure your digital presence reflects your company’s goals, areas of focus and accolades.


Our Digital team has helped several clients make the transition to mobile responsiveness, while also enabling them to speak more effectively to their target markets with better product positioning and messaging online.  We would love to help you as well.  Contact us for a consultation.